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Talking caiman

Hello everybody,
i am from germany, and maybe it sound a little bit weird for you but it was legal to have a caiman in germany. I always played with the idea to buy one. ( Caiman crocodilus )
DOes anybody know, which animals would be legal, when they change the rules on the 1.1.12?
Or does anyone made experience with caimans , and have eggs, or could produce eggs?
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Hello Alex

First of all, Caimans grow big, especially the species your asking about (C.crocodilus). In my opinion Caimans are not suited for a life in the private home. If you dont have an indoor pool and the money to build a big enough enclosure for them, and the interest to take care of them in the long term. They might be cute, when they are juveniles as all crocodilians. But they grow up to be big, powerful and potentialy dangerous creatures as adults.

Second, there is no guarantee that reptiles and amphibians will be allowed in Norway as of next year. We just have to cross our fingers, and hope that some species will (Caimans will pretty sure, never be legal to keep).

If your interested in reptiles and amphibians, i will recommend you to log on to NHF (Norwegian Herpetological Society) website- Norsk Herpetologisk Forening and read more about the positiv list, and what animals that possible could be legal in the future.

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